How to choose the perfect Fabric/ dress material

Clothing is a obvious way to improve the comfort of the wearer, designer will add styling to your personality, but a good dress material will add life to your clothing. A dress material placed  great emphasis on fashion industry. Any outfit, designs can’t  think of without a perfectly fine dress material. Dress material comes in various variety of fabrics suiting, shirting , unstitched or semi-unstitched.

From celebrities adapting to the frequently changing fashion trends; to college students imitating their favourite actors; to our Honourable Prime Minister bringing back the trend of Nehru Jackets, no one seems to get enough of it. Suit market has grown like a wild fire in india with young and older generation equally flaunting their suits everyday to look modish and fashionable. Think of buying a suit  and first name that comes into your mind is Raymond. One of the oldest and perhaps the most significant brand that started in 1925. Raymond mastered the craft of producing the finest suiting in the world using super fine wool count and blending the same with superfine polyester and other specialty fibres, like Cashmere, Pure wool and Linen.Raymond has created the world’s finest worsted suiting fabric from the finest wool ever produced in the world. Raymond Luxury Cottons Ltd. manufactures superfine, high value, cotton fabric.The product range includes a wide range of fabrics and finishing including  worsted fabrics, denims cotton apparel fabrics and high-end cotton suiting fabric and tailored clothing too.Mostly, it features on Shirtings and Suitings. It’s a mecca for men’s clothing.The Raymond Shop, The Raymond Retail Shops are premium retail stores offering men complete wardrobe solutions. From fabric to fine tailored clothing, The Raymond shop marks the brand’s foray into the  global apparel market.

Screenshot_2016-06-11-12-50-34                         Screenshot_2016-06-11-12-41-18

Raymond Suit collection                                   Cotton Polyester Blend Checkered Trouser Fabric

Screenshot_2016-06-11-12-51-45                   Screenshot_2016-06-11-12-49-31

Raymond  Suiting-Wedding Collection                                      Raymond Gentleman look yet classy

Mayur Suitings is another way to Suitings and Shirtings. Mayur Suitings is a premium brand, and has been a proven, all-time favourite of a galaxy of stars. Mayur has been delivering the best to meet the ever-growing demands of the Clothing and Fashion industry, in the domestic as well as the international markets. Mayur is a widely popular, Indian brand that has an enviable product portfolio encompassing the economy, premium and exclusive range of fabrics. A brand that has always been known for being ‘Star ki pasand’, its fabrics command an international look and feel at an affordable price. It provides wide variety of  fabrics, Fabric for garment brands , Upholstery for railways, multiplexes and IT houses. It produces high quality products of Polyester, linen, cotton, lycra, silk and wool.  They choose Nawazuddin  Siiddiqui as a brand ambassador because of his pan India appeal.


                                                            Brand Face of Mayur Suitings

Screenshot_2016-06-11-12-55-58           Screenshot_2016-06-11-13-31-48              Screenshot_2016-06-11-13-31-42

Linen cloth material                                     Salman khan’s photo shoot for Mayur Suitings

Siyaram’s is one of the largest producers of blended high fashion Suiting, Shirting fabric, Apparels, Furnishing Fabrics and Women’s wear. The designs and styles of the blended high fashion fabrics  have a rich vibrant history of creation fashion trends. With versatile, diverse and admirable designs, Siyaram’s is the only brand in india which enjoys equal appeal from Urban as well as Rural India. It produces maximum 85% of polyester viscose derived from crude oil.They are planning to develop an exclusive range of fabrics in long staple cotton, Giza cotton, linen,wool, silk, cashmere and jacketing fabrics in linen.It has produces a wide range of quality Suitings and Shirtings Apparels for Men.The brand has laid a new era of dynamic, elegant and perfect Man and always has been a fashion quotient for the Young boys of india. The texture is flawless fall, superior crease recovery and above all absolute comfort is what every person expects. It’s a mix and match of absolute colours, fabulous fabric mixture including polyester linen and cotton linen mixture. Siyaram’s offers a complete gentleman look. Saif Ali Khan as the brand ambassador of Siyaram Suitings & Shirtings along with the ace cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni.


                           Mahendra Singh Dhoni a.k.a. Dhoni is a brand face of Siyaram’s

        Screenshot_2016-06-11-15-15-08                                                    Screenshot_2016-06-11-15-15-38        Brown Cotton Blend Radiant Casual pant piece                  Black Poly Blend Unstitched Suit Piece

Admix retail is Delhi based wholesaler and distributor of Indian Ethnic wear in men and women division. Admix retail also deals with home decor , diamond and artificial designer jewellery. Company also deals in Indowestern dress. About ethnic wear of india, Ethnic wear of india is part of admix retail, an informative website, where anyone can get the information about indian ethnic attires and also statewise costumes information. Basically this site is for wholesaler and traders. It also offers semi- unstitched and unstitched salwar-kameez material. It deals with all kinds of fabric including cotton silk, georgette, chiffon, brocade, velvet and synthetic too. Admix retail offers wide range of clothing  especially for women including Salwar-kameez lehengas Sarees, sherwani and ladies nightwear. Admix retail is in the way to merging fashion with tradition. Admix retail signed Karishma Kapoor as a brand ambassador.

Screenshot_2016-06-12-12-09-42                                                Screenshot_2016-06-12-12-09-32

Unstitched Pure Georgette salwar-kameez                                Unstitched Georgette Salwar

with Pure Chiffon Dupatta                                                             kameez with Chiffon Dupatta


Screenshot_2016-06-12-12-09-32                                                     Screenshot_2016-06-12-12-09-42

Unstitched dress material with                                              Unstitched dress material with

Chiffon Dupatta                                                                           Chiffon Dupatta

Crescent Lawn by Faraz manan is one of the best of all that offers pakistani suits. Faraz Manan is very renowed Pakistani dress designer. It also has a wide range of unstitched pakistani Salwaar-kammez. Lad who want to try something different in styles, must go for crescent lawn collection. Faraz manan Crescent lawn summer collection 2015-2016 has received a overwhelming response from public. The ladies  among you who fond of wearing bright and funky colours would love his work. Lawn suits  is his speciality. Chiffon dupattas is perfect match for any kinda Suits. His collection of fabric is a perfect example of elegance and simplicity. He signs kareena kapoor  a face of his summer/spring collection. Not only Kareena Kapoor, but Karisma Kapoor also happens to be fond of Faraz’s designs as she walked the ramp for the designer at the opening night of Times of India Film Awards 2016 in Dubai.

Screenshot_2016-06-12-12-02-00                  Screenshot_2016-06-12-12-03-24                   Screenshot_2016-06-12-12-06-51Printed suit material                           Unstitched pakistani suit                 Embroidered suit material

 with Chiffon Dupatta                         with Chiffon Dupatta                     with printed Chiffon Dupatta



Screenshot_2016-06-12-12-00-37                              Screenshot_2016-06-12-12-01-03

 Kareena kapoor looks stunning in Yellow                           Unstitched Faraz manan’s crescent lawn 

     Faraz  Manan’s Crescent Lawn collection 2016                     collection with Chiffon Dupatta


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