Every women’s goal is to look fabulous each day but each day we stand in front of the mirror wondering what to wear, even with so many options in once closet to choose from. This is a problem that many plus size women face each day, and yet it’s also a problem that’s easy to remedy when you have all of the basic staple fashion items available. Fashion may help us choose clothes that make us seem slimmer, but I want to say that true beauty comes from the heart and from within, and has nothing to do with our weight. I wish we could all enjoy life just like we are supposed to, and if fashion can help us look better and therefore make us feel happier, here is some advice.

Women with curves usually have a little bigger bottom or tummy area, but sexy limbs with slim arms and legs. Best not to dress that will draw attention to your lower region, rather focus on the sexier parts!



The waist/lower region being the problem area, try and opt for flowy outfits rather than tighter ones.

  • A-line Kurtas with deep V-neck lines will work well with your body type.
  • Prefer churidars over salwars, as they will draw attention to your skinny legs. Opt for light coloured bottoms and darker shades for the tops.
  • If taking a dupatta, don’t take it around your neck, instead wear it over one shoulder, this too will help distract from your heavy torso.


A by-and-large flattering style, anarkalis work for most body types. With a few tweaks, of course. If you are top-heavy, avoid heavy embellishments or embroidery on the bodice. In fact, opt for a darker colour on top and save all the embellishments for the lower half of your anarkali. Women with larger hip area, should opt for one with more kalis or flare.

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Opt for a monotone full-length suit in a fabric that is not too clingy to create a slimming effect and if you are short pair them with high heels and choose a colour and print that provides a lengthening effect.

For the women who are already tall stock up on at least a couple of these suits (preferably straight cuts) to look like a goddess!

Fullscreen capture 18-06-2016 065435.bmp


This one is a safe bet for pretty much every body type. Pair the kurta with leggings or straight pants it will work either way. The style is also a good way to hide any extra tummy flab after all, no one ends to know that you have been cheating on your exercise of late.

Fullscreen capture 18-06-2016 065502.bmp


The straight- cut suit largely works for everyone as it bringing fail-safe linearity to those with problem areas to camouflage. Be mindful to choose dark colours and comfort fit to look fabulous.

Fullscreen capture 18-06-2016 065529.bmp


As being Indian we all love wearing saree and we have so many options silk, cotton, chiffon, etc. to choose from. Saree is an outfit that adds grace and beauty to any women wearing it and if you know which type suits you the best, it will help bring out the grace.

For the women with curves you need to steer clear from stiff cotton sarees as they stick to the body and give you a broader look. Instead, go for chiffon and silk sarees with small prints to make you look shape and thinner. If you are short and curvy, then avoid wide printed sarees and sarees with wide borders. Handloom cotton sarees will look great on you.

If you have an apple body shape go for sarees with embroidery, as your upper body weighs and looks bulkier than your stomach and back. This will complement you.

Fullscreen capture 18-06-2016 065556.bmpFullscreen capture 18-06-2016 065632.bmp


If you have a heavy bust, steer clear of heavily embellished blouses or those made of thick fabric   (say no to velvet). Opt for work on the sleeves if you want a dressier look. While you can play with cuts, sheer panels and embroidery on the back, keep the front of your blouse fuss-free. Dark, solid hues will work best for you. Stay away from large prints. If opting for a deep neckline, keep the plunge modest.


For the ladies with fuller arms go for blouses with ¾ or full sleeve blouses and the best new is they are in vogue. Remember to create a new visual focus point by either having a sheer back, deep neck or shoulder embellishments that can steer away the focus from the fuller arms. Cape style blouses are a stylish way to go too. As long as you avoid puffed sleeves or sleeveless blouses as they tend to draw attention to the broadness of your shoulders.

Fullscreen capture 18-06-2016 065703.bmp


Embrace those curves by choosing these stylish options of choli style blouse. The familiar choice to go with is of a cropped sherwani or jacket style blouses. The second choice can be Peplum blouses which are a favourite of the designers this summer season. The third choice is Corset style blouses. With long blouses remember to allow a small band of your waist to be seen, a little show of skin is essential, else you’ll simply look like you have been wrapped in yards of fabric.


Rather than hiding your broad shoulders, how them off with wide necklines and short sleeves. Choose blouses with V-neck or scooped neckline, avoid strapless and thin strapped blouses, instead opt for a Laser-cut or broader strap necklines. So not use shoulder padding.

Fullscreen capture 18-06-2016 065738.bmp

Following these suggestion will definitely help you look gorgeous and beautiful and help to flaunt those sexy curves and Fancyana is always there to serve you and provide you the best service to make you look your best.

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