“Being classy the Indian way”

Traditional Indian wear is all about looking beautiful. No matter how elegant a girl looks in modern dresses but she looks more fabulous in Indian outfits especially sari, lehenga etc. Indian wear makes you look stylish effortlessly. Today’s stylish Indian wear embodies various facets of our rich culture and tradition with the mixture of old and new age designs. Traditional costumes continue to play a pivotal role in shaping today’s fashion trends. Women have now turning away from western clothing to classy Indian wears that exhibit our ethnic roots. Antique Styles are the most happening trend in the Indian Fashion scenario and is resurfacing back with modern styles creating a classy fusion look.
Traditional Indian attire can be effortlessly worn in day to day life without spending too much money and time. You can look stylish and at the same time simple in Indian dresses.
Today Fancyana is here with an article on how to dress your best in ethnic wear and give sophistication a new definition.

The most important element for you to look great is to know what style, fabric, colour and print are in trend and what will suit your body.
Crop tops are the popular choice this summer and why not, they are trendy, comfortable and basically can jazz up your look if paired right. The latest trend is painting your crops with different salwar suits, be it the palazzo style or dhoti style.

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It is the look to die for, with detailed embroidery and stone embellishments around the neckline and those long arms will do the trick, do not forget to finish the suit with a complementary lace at the base, it can be both embroidered and plain, chinese collar suit in khadi is the perfect combination to go for.. The unique feature of the suit is the asymmetrical frills. It’s a bit longer from the back and effortlessly works around the front for the brilliant trendy look. A net dupatta plays an essential role in completing the look.

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We know! Centre slits are too common these days. You can find every other woman wearing a straight suit with a centre slit. But the twist in the slit is that it is very low slit with the bottom embroidered or embellished, is obviously different. A worth mentioning design to have. Made in falk and velvet fabric give it a sophisticated piece to wear.
Another style of salwar suits in fashion are the A-line suits with side slits. They are a new version of the salwar suits, the slit runs adjacent to a side of the waist giving it a unique look, the embroidery and embellishments add to the grace of the garment.

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Peplum and jacket style choli suits have to be added to the list as they are the most wanted options of suits this summer, elegant, stylish, classy and sophisticated , is style well can be worn in many festivities and make you the star of the party. Pair your suit with the right choice of salwar and you are elegant and breath-taking.

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Light ombre sarees in chiffon have made their mark in the fashion industry. These sarees are either made of chiffon or other light material with a lace border, which gives them an elegant appeal. You can wear them with a sleeveless blouse that has some glitter. Chiffon sarees have minimal yet classy details, which add a stylish touch to your appearance. You can also team up these sarees with long matching earrings and bangles and see heads turn while you walk into the function.

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A plain Georgette saree along with a fully embroidered blouse will make a classic style statement. For a more sophisticated appeal, team up the saree with a beautifully embroidered blouse in any sleeve size and give your look a more ethnic appeal. The Georgette saree with a thick border and embellishments will add some value to your attire. If you choose to wear a full-sleeved blouse with the saree, you can team it up with long earrings. Or else, if you are wearing a half sleeve or sleeveless blouse, you can wear a few bangles or a bracelet to spice up the look.

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Lace is a wonderful material for all seasons. You can wear a lace saree for any occasion, during daylight or evening, because it looks just beautiful all the time. A lace saree with a matching blouse in the deepest or the softest shades will make you look like a style icon. Do make sure that the accessories are minimal and you have worn the right makeup. You can even opt for a lace blouse with a solid coloured saree or a lace saree with a solid coloured blouse; both look great. So, go ahead and steal the show.

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Beautiful net sarees could be one of the most eye-catching attires for a wedding. Give yourself a magical look by wearing a net saree with stone work and embroidery. These glamorous drapes are in vogue and have a big fan following. You can choose a blouse with any sleeve length and look gorgeous with the net sarees. You can also create a stylish look by wearing a choker neck-piece and stud earrings. So, spice up your look with elegant jewelry and accessories that match your saree.

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A traditional/ Indian wear does not necessarily mean a kurta-pyjamas nor is it a compulsion to have it with heavy colours and embroidery. Usually it is good to keep it simple and classy, like a monotone outfit with a tinge of colour, luster and texture. Usually the outfit can be like

If you are tall man with a good stature and prefer to rock the beats keeping simple, a monotone Kurta-Churidar with a beautiful crafted Nehru jacket can make the crowd go bonkers.
In the same range, if you are someone who wants to stand out of the crowd, you can opt for a double-breasted waist coat. It is stylish and classy. But make sure you play the textures of the fabric right.
Preferably a leather chappals (open-toed, T-strap), a mojdi or a high-ankle formal shoes. A pocket-square, formal watch, bracelet will go great with this look.
Tip: Add colour to the jacket and pocket square and keep the kurta-churidar monotone. If you want a subtle but classy look, try wearing a black kurta-pyjama (linen) toped up with a bright green Nehru jacket (linen), a yellow pocket square and a nice black leather high-ankle shoes.
Whatever styled Jacket you select, make sure the shoulder-line stitch of Kurt and Jacket are in same line. Off-shouldered kurta under a beautiful jacket will look that you aren’t a 100% achiever.

One tremendously outstanding outfits tagged on traditional wear are the Jodhpuri suits. It not only looks royal enough to make your adrenaline high but it has that sense of zest and formal look that no other outfit can match in the league of “Traditional Wear”. Try and make sure it’s the stitch, colour and fabric that speak out rather than design and embroideries. Wear a formal dress-shoes, monk-straps or a high-ankle formal shoes. A smart watch, a pocket square, a sleek leather belt, a clean pair of socks and a hand-kerchief are some of the options to pair up with the outfit.
This outfit is all-time hit but very common. So try experimenting with the fabric and texture. The key to nail the outfit is to get it tailored.

This recommendation is for one of those easy-go-luck guys who want to blend in the crowd but will not drain some energy to look stylish or out of the crowd. Kurta-Churidar (yes, good you noticed again, NO PAYJAMA). A nice embroidered Kurta or made of self-designed fabric with high-neck collar with a contrasting churidar will work as traditional as you want to. Pair preferably a leather chappals (open-toed, T-strap), a mojdi with the outfit. A smart watch, a chunni/dupatta and a clean hand-kerchief can be paired as accessories.
Tip: To play is safe, wear silk. Yeah, even raw silk will do.
Only and only advice here would be “The Fit” as the style of the outfit is very simple and minimal. A good option here is to select the outfit that has good-rich fabric, embroidery and design.

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These clothes will create a classy look for you in any season. You don’t always need to be a bride or groom to wear a glam outfit and look fab. So, go ahead and make yourself stand out in the crowd!

Madhusmita Tiwari, Fancyana

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