It is often said that wearing clothes as per the body type makes you love your own body. Having a curvaceous body is nothing less than a blessing because there are some dressing patterns which look flattering only on curvy girls. You can flaunt your curves gracefully if you acquire the right outfit essentials in your wardrobe. Here is a list of the clothing items all girls with a curvaceous body should keep in their closet.


Dark to medium washes look best on curvy figures as deeper, uniform hues are more slenderizing and lighter shades tend to spotlight bumps making them look larger than the actual size.

Denim that has a slight stretch to it offers better control and hold the shape properly. If you’re drawn to embellishments such as fading, whickering, creases, and tears, keep their placement in mind as they highlight that area of your frame. As for fit, you’ll know it’s right when nothing gapes, puckers, pulls, tugs, or hurts.

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Not all summer dresses are created equal. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton over synthetic ones like polyester, and you’ll sweat a lot less. And when you do sweat, your clothes won’t cling to your curves.

If wearing a dress shirt choose something that is sturdy with a little stretch.

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Flannel shirt style can never go wrong. This is the reason why we love flannel shirts. Not to get confused, flannel is the fabric and plaid is the check colour block pattern. So you can call them plaid or flannel whatever you like.

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Shorts that are shorter can be pretty uncomfortable for the curvy body, they ride up and give an appearance of an underwear. Instead wear boyfriend shorts that go down to your mid-thigh and show off those gorgeous curves.

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It is true that patterns tend to make things look bigger than they actually are but the trick here is to wear them right. If you want to wear a floral pattern, make it smoother with a long knitted piece, if you’re wearing a floral blouse, try combining it with classical jeans or black pants. When you’re choosing a dress, pay attention to its length, because too short is not appropriate. Keep the length up to your knees.

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Pick dresses with insets in different colours at the sides, either lace or strip of fabrics. These dresses are made to optically narrow your figure, so let yourself have some fun with them. If the dresses is of neutral colour, you can wear it in the summer as well as in the winter both. Miss and match with jackets or a kitted piece.

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When it comes to skirts, the experts agree that these two shapes are the most flattering. If you carry weight on the bottom, a clean, simple A-line skirt that gently skims over the hips and then falls comfortably to just below the knee or to mid-calf will balance out the silhouette and create an hourglass. For a heavier midsection, a not-too-tight pencil skirt that starts at the natural waist and hits at the knee (or right below the knee) worn with a blouse that silhouettes the body and has movement will also work.

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Tunics are great for clean lines around your upper body and providing coverage around hips and thighs. Tunics with scooped, V-necked, or embellished necklines are best as they focus attention to your face.  Length matters, too. Make sure the hem doesn’t hang below the rear as it will be body hugging and not very attractive. Fabrics with light stretch will help prevent pulling and tugging.

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There are many styles, so the choice, pair it with a colourful coat over it, or a trench, leather jacket, the knitted piece … it actually goes with anything, depending on the occasion.

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Shape-wear is a must-have as they suck you in, minimize lumps and bumps, create a smooth foundation for your clothing, and make you look generally trimmer. Make sure you have the right size for the right fit. Nothing should dig in or leave marks. Feeling uncomfortable should not have to be the price you pay to look good.

Those who want control both up top and down below, can go for high-waist bike shorts—which begin just under the bra and end just above the knees, the coverage should be in materials that are comfortable, it should conform to your shape without any give or rolling up at the edges. Look for blends of spandex and nylon which are lightweight and should be seamless. Always try your shape-wear before you buy it as you want a shape-wear that allows you to sit, walk and breathe normally.

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We all want to look beautiful in the end and these tips will make you rule your world, with grace and sensuousness and if you need assistance our fashion designers at Fancyana will be on its way to help out.

Madhusmita Tiwari, Fancyana

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