The Magic of Alterations & Design changes, Part-1

The better it fits the better it looks. So whether you’re dropped a hem or a few pounds, you need alterations. Altering clothes not only makes you feel pleasantly adult and responsible and “because I’m worth it” –it makes your clothes fit. Fit is the most important aspect of style. “If a garment doesn’t fit well, none of its other characteristics matter – it’s not going to look good on you”. Alterations can transform your clothes. Even if you’re a straight off-the-rack size, a few judicious tucks can make your clothes look like a million bucks. If you’re short, have lost weight, or a special size and most clothing hasn’t been made with you in mind, or want to knock new life into old stuff, it’s also great. Having a stylist is a luxury that’s not a cup of tea for everyone. But you don’t need to spend a lot to hire someone that will help you look more pulled together. The only thing is to find tailor with high review ratings in your city. If you’re a fashion freak, then you must opt alterations in your routine. Any garment will look significantly better when it actually fits properly. A perfect alterations can help you love your wardrobe more and feel even more amazing in what you wear. Clothes that fit well and flatter will become favourites and be worn frequently. You’re your wardrobe more effective ­- create favourites and signature pieces and ‘everyday’ clothes. Clothing Alterations are the key to having a complete wardrobe.

Screenshot_2016-06-08-20-26-44                Screenshot_2016-06-08-20-25-06

Alterations has a great significance for short men and petite woman. There is no better way for short people to make sure their clothes fit properly. It is difficult for them to accessorize and size to fits. If you want to look good and different from crowd then you must follow some steps in your life. Foremost, find a very good tailor who can alter almost anything (oops!! Only in terms of your clothing). Be very conscious while giving your expensive clothes to tailor, make sure he/she can do properly. Secondly, whenever you’ll buy anything, whether it’s of your size or not go to your trustworthy tailor and ask him/her to alter according to your size. A perfect fit can enhance your personality, your good looks and develop confidence also. It’s nothing like only women should go for alterations all the time for slim fit, the same thing applies to men’s also.

Get the perfect fit!!!!!!!!!


 Go for these style statement, petite woman

Screenshot_2016-06-10-11-32-37 Screenshot_2016-06-10-11-49-24 Screenshot_2016-06-10-11-32-51

For Short men, Try out these outfits

So girls! I have something for you. Whenever you’ll buy top/shirt, rush to your tailor and ask him/her to shorten a shirt or add a shirttail hem. When a sleeve is too loose, slim down a voluminous sleeve that makes a huge difference in how a garment looks. Your tailor can take in anywhere from a half inch to a full two inches from the underside sleeve seam, going from the wrist all the way to the underarm and down into the side-boob seam to create a slimmed down, prettier shape. When it comes to pants/jeans must give a right alterations, give a entire narrow look and make it little slim at the lower edges. For jackets & blazers, they need to fit properly. Some parts of a jacket are very hard to fix. Some are pretty easy and can be altered by almost any tailor. So choose wisely while shopping what can and cannot be done so you know which jackets to buy. Skirts are way easier to alter than, say, pants or jackets, so right there it’s a less risky purchase.

Screenshot_2016-06-08-20-24-02                                  Screenshot_2016-06-07-14-13-18

Stylist taking waistline fit measurements                    Perfectly hemmed skirt                                   


 jeans being altered

For men, even you people should cultivate this habbit in your daily lifestyle.Mostly, In India they don’t follow new fashion trends.It enhance your persona as well your confidence in doing your work. It brings a new spark in yourself. They need to do hardly a few things. Whenever you’ll buy any kinda Pants & Trousers, Pants almost need to be altered. At the very least, you should get all of your pants hemmed. Shorter men especially need to pay attention to the length of their pants. When it comes to coat, blazers any kind of jackets then you need to be little alert while shopping. Shop according to your size and personality because alterations on these clothes is little tedious job which leads to a drastic change.

Screenshot_2016-06-10-11-53-24                     Screenshot_2016-06-10-11-31-12

Perfectly fine fit shirt                                                Stylist taking measurements for suit cuffs


Shirt being altered for perfect fit

I definitely recommend taking the time and spending the money to alter your clothes so they fit like a glove.Alterations has incredible power to help you look more stylish and polished, as well as slimmer and more attractive. It takes garment from so-so to fabulous. Although proper fit is the primary reason for alterations, it can also help to modernize your clothes or update them to line up with your evolving sense of style.

By Shivangi Singh, Fancyana

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