The never ending possibilities and designs of Salwar Suits

Salwar suit is the most popular clothing for millions of Asian women. The best part is its adaptability. A common dress in many cultures, the garment transforms itself as per the needs of the region. Worn by women of southern and central regions in Asia in olden times, salwar kameez is the national dress for Pakistanis and Afghanis. A salwar suit consists of three parts — the salwar which is like a loose pyjama, the kameez or the shirt or tunic, and a dupatta or odhni.

These days we are confused on what colour will look good on us. This happens especially at the time when we want a dress to be stitched or customized to fit properly. Now a days different fashion websites offer diverse colour combinations. So while buying cloths online also, we struggle on samething. To solve all these issues, Fancyana presents tips and tricks to choose the trendy colour combination of salwar suits this season. 

Our designer has tried to explain few most trendy colour combination as given below:

White and Blue Color Combination:

A1This is the most attractive contrast Colour Combination For Salwar Kameez 2016 For Indian Women which comprises on two different colors white and blue. This dress is worn by the beautiful actress Yami Gautam of India. The kameez of the dress is in white color which has some specific pattern on it. The kameez also shows lace and patches work on it at the region of border and neck side. The dupatta has blue color. The salwar is also in blue color and it is in churi daar style.

Grey and Red Color Salwar Kameez:

A2The most beautiful and latest design in the list of fashion designing of salwar kameez for Indian women is the combination of red and grey color. Kameez of the suit is in red grey color which has red colored embroidery and laces work on it. The dupatta of the suit is also in red color and has exclusive work on it. The salwar is in churi daar style and is also in red color.

Orange and Green Combination of Indian Suit:

A3This is another beautiful dress with beautiful color combination for Indian women. The kameez of the dress is green in color and has embroidery and patches work on it in orange color. The dupatta of the dress also has the combination of orange and green color. Salwar of the dress is in green color which is stitched in churi daar pattern.

 Salwar kameez in White and Pink Color:

A4The kameez of this dress is stitched in simple pattern and has white color. There is exclusive embroidery and laces work in pink color on it. The salwar is in pink color. The pink and grayish border upholds the excellence very well.

Pale grey and pink

A5This color combination is quite different and eye-catching than others. Here sonakshi sinha and deepika padukone wearing the designer salwar suit in pink and grey looks awesome. The contrast with pink dupatta is beautiful.

Pink and orange

A6Both pink and orange are very soothing colors and together give a charming look to the clothing.. the floor touching salwar suit here which deepika padukone is wearing is a result of the same color combination.

Greenish tan and maroon

A7Tans and light neutral colours can be hard to style and leave you looking drab and rundown but if you style them with a deep rich colour like maroon, you will have a match made in heaven. Here we have Kajol wearing it.




Few more designs and colour combinations:









Indian fashion is all about comfort and the salwar suit is an attire that epitomises it.

Priya Singh, Fancyana

About us

With a team of fashion designers, expert tailors, and managers of different industries, Fancyana team aspires to provide a platform ( to motivate all to become their own designer


Disclaimer – Fancyana do not own or hold any form of copyright to the images used in the blog.



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