Why to chose Tailor Made over Ready Made Dresses


When we talk about clothing, two options pop up in our mind: Tailor made, and Ready-made. Both Tailor made and Store bought clothes sit on complete opposites. The former is custom, hence unique, and the latter is ready made, hence widely available.
Both types of outfits are easily available in the market. Then what factors lead people choose one over the other. Here I am trying to cover the main differentiation.

Typically refers to clothing that is sewn from a pattern made from the measurements of the customers’ exact body size. A tailored suit is a common example of a made-to-measure garment.


• Unique
Tailor made outfits are preferred over store bought outfits because of the fact that you can get an unique outfit. You choose the design on your own, meaning it can be something that no one has designed yet, something that cannot be replicated.1

• Your clothes will fit precisely
When it comes to being a cut above the rest, the right fit is a huge factor. If something fits you in all the right ways, the battle for great style is already halfway won. We’ve all had the experience of wearing clothes that were too large, too small, or fit awkwardly in places, but simply “making do” is not good enough anymore. Hold yourself to higher standards! Custom tailoring involves custom patterns as well, which means your garment will be made from a unique pattern that uses dozens of measurements to guarantee a precise fit.3

• You’ll get exactly what you want
Custom tailoring, is what it says it is—precise. Whether you’re looking for a specific shape or something a little more interesting, your options are unlimited. You can choose the fabric, the cut, the colour, the style, the placement of the buttons, the shape of the collar, and so much more. It’s not just for special events, either—a smart look for casual wear, or a good garment for cocktail parties, a beautiful Indian attire or business formals, you can make an incredible statement and have something more suited to your unique tastes.

• Your clothes will last longer
With a solid custom garment, you get quality that lasts. In the long run, a custom tailored garment that doesn’t need constant replacing is not only a more elegant style choice, but a better financial one too—investing in a good suit that will carry you through event after event, day after day, is a choice worth making.

• Price
If we compare the prices of ready-made garments to tailor made garment it may feel that the ready to wear are cheaper, but it is the other way round as the ready-made garments are produced in limited sizes making them not suitable for everyone. One sometime has to buy a dress that they really wants and then have it modified by a tailor for the better fit and if you consider the cost of the repair and the clothing, it will add up to a very high amount making the ready-made more expensive.
In tailor made the garment made is fit to your body size, has all the details according to your liking and is much more stronger that the ready-made garment, making it a good deal at a reasonable price.

• Delay in production process
The most common disadvantage of the tailored clothes is the waiting period associated with the garment to be finished, but I guess the wait is worth a while when a beautiful finished dress is waiting you in the end
• Construction defects
It in an uncommon disadvantage associate with the tailored garment. There can be defects in the stitching and or may be the garment may not turn out to be as flawless as you expected but this rarely happens as the tailors are experienced professional.
Both tailor made and store bought clothes have advantages and disadvantages and when it comes to deciding whether you want store bought or tailor made outfits, think of your own personal tastes. It’s all about what looks good on you. Try a bit of both and inject a bit of variety into your wardrobe and if you need any help Fancyana is at your service.


Garments available in retail stores are mass-produced in different shapes and size. Here I am going to list the advantages and disadvantages to guide the customers judgement.

• Multiple options
As the garments are mass produced, these are available in numerous quantity and can be available at different outlets of a brand, making it easily available in large numbers.
The same garment is available to people of different body sizes, ranging from extra small (XS) to extra-large (XL).
If a person needs different colour assortment for the same garment, Store bought garments are the best options, catering to the different colour preference of people.

• Multiple styles4
Ready-made garments are available in wide variety of styles, attracting customers with different tastes and preferences of the same garment. We can take example of a simple peplum dress as shown in picture. The multiple options available can attract any customer from any part of world.

• Quick Decisions
Ready-made garments provide an advantage for you to you can scan through the wide variety of clothes and quickly purchase the one you like without waiting for it to get stitched.

• Inability to be unique
You cannot demand for a unique design because the dresses are mass produced, which means there is a big chance that one day you will bump to someone on the street wearing the exact dress that you are wearing. This can be shameful especially if you are attending an event where everyone dressed up to stand out for that occasion and you end up with a doppelganger.


• High prices.
The actual cost of the mass produced ready-made garment is quite low as they are manufactured in bulk quantities but when they are finally sold under famous brand names the prices marked on the garment are three to four times more than the Actual cost making them expensive and out of the reach for many.
• Dissatisfying quality
The problem with ready-made is few are not firmly made and the well-made ones are too expensive. You might get five good wears out of a ready to wear suit before it begins to wear out and needs replacing.
• Limitation of size and miss-fit
For the ready-made garment, the sizes are fixed and limited and usually every brand has its own size guidelines which sometimes makes it confusing for the customers, for example a person buying jeans from one brand may fit into a size 32 (inch) whereas if buying from another brand, it may fit in a size 30(inch). This confusion makes it very confusing to guess the exact size to buy.
Also the ready-made garments have a fixed standard pattern and sometime do not appeal to the customer’s satisfaction, making the garment look shabby and unattractive.

Madhusmita Tiwari, Fancyana

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Fancyana aspires to deliver Latest fashion to your doorstep by motivating you to become your own fashion designer. With a team of fashion designers, expert tailors, and managers of different industries, Fancyana promises to bring unmatchable customer satisfaction by providing excellent quality in Apparel industry.

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